Monday, February 12, 2018

Design Wall

This is my design wall this morning. It doesn't look like it has changed very much but I have added a few more of these great blocks. I love how it looks! I have been working on these blocks just about every day and I have at least 20 of the smaller units that make up the whole block pretty much ready to go on the wall.

It is taking me longer than I anticipated to make the blocks because I have to do a lot of cutting....boring! I am trying to do some every day but it really can get tedious. ;)  I have also been digging deep into my strip bins and some of the strips have been in there so long that they are very hairy. I guess it is about time they get used. :)

If I make this quilt according to the pattern in the magazine, there are a total of 50 large blocks and I think 8 partial blocks needed. If you consider that each block takes 4 smaller block units that means a whole lot of 2.5"squares and hsts.  I didn't follow the pattern instructions from the magazine to cut my hsts because I think there would have been too much waste. I used my own process and this includes the use of my easy angle ruler. This ruler is so easy to use and convenient for cutting hsts from my 2.5" strips. I think it is one of my most important tools!

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