Friday, February 2, 2018

Antebellum Album

Barbara Brackman is hosting another BOM this year called Antebellum Album and the first block has already been released. There will be a total of 12 blocks and each will be released on the last day of the month and each block will finish at 12". Barbara provides really great historical information with the release of each block and it is very interesting to read.
Westering Women
I participated in her Westering Women BOM and I totally love the quilt that I made from the blocks that she posted. I chose to make mine in red, blue and brown and I designed my own layout.

I am looking forward to participating this year but I can't seem to decide which colour scheme that I want to use.

I have a ton of small civil war scraps, and I mean really small, and they are stored in a couple large bins under my sewing table. I also have a variety of fat quarters and some yardage to choose from. My quilty sister Cheryl came for a visit yesterday and she helped me with trying to decide which colour palette I should use. I started out with red, teal, and gold. Sounded good but I don't really have much in the way of teal. So, we moved onto red, blue, and gold and I thought that would be it. But, this morning I am now debating - pink, brown and ? or green, gold, and ? or should I just go with the red, blue, and gold. Why can't I decide - it is just a quilt!!!


Deb A said...

I knew I should not check blogs today...... I might have to join in... and play with some blues and white for mine =).

Chantal said...

I love your setting of Westering Women blocks. It is nice to be able to see it again. They had a lot of madder and pink back then, so how about a green, gold and pink? Just saying. I know you will find something gorgeous to play with this year again. ;^)