Friday, February 24, 2017

Preparing for March Guild Meeting

Happy spring colours
Yesterday and today I have been preparing for my Guild meeting being held on March 1. At each meeting, members are offered a 5" square of fabric that we call 'Cotton Candy'.  At the beginning of the Guild year members can sign up to provide these fabric squares and I signed up for March. Boy....March meeting is coming really quickly! So I have cut squares of fabric, folded them and then pushed them through the sewing machine. I basted the edges together to help keep them neatly folded. I added a couple more fabrics after I took the photo of the fabric squares and I made sure to add a more traditional neutral just in case everyone wasn't feeling Spring!!
All ready for the members!
As well, at this month's Guild meeting several members are demonstrating favourite tools or rulers and I volunteered to go along for the ride. I am going to be demonstrating how useful the Tri-Recs rulers can be. It really is just a short demo and very informal. Guild members move from table to table around the room to see the different goodies being demonstrated.

Carol's Cuddle Quilt - 'A Warm Hug'
I want to show a quilt that I made quite some time ago but it has been given away so I printed out a photo of it to show as an example of how these triangle in a square blocks can be set together to make different patterns. I also plan to show my Celtic Solstice (of Bonnie Hunter fame) if I can pry it away from my son. :)
Celtic Solstice
So far, I have made one sample block but I don't think I will be making any more. I don't want to be starting a bunch of new quilts! ;) So, I have printed out photos from the internet showing other design ideas.

sample block
I have also grabbed strips from my bins in order to demonstrate how easy it is to get accurate cuts for the 'triangle in a square' blocks using standard size fabric strips.

I guess I am all ready for the March meeting except for my Pizza Box Challenge block and I am certainly struggling with it this month!


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Beautiful fabric collection for your guild squares. Love, love Celtic Solstice, such a pretty pattern and use of colour. I am sure Carol did find her quilt giving her that Warm Hug just when she needed it.

Love sis

Jocelyn Thurston said...

How industrious you are! Lovely squares for your fellow members. What gorgeous projects you have on the go!

KaHolly said...

Looks like you ladies have lots of fun! XO