Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More Blocks

I worked on completing the block centers yesterday and I just need one more. I held off on the last one because I am not sure if I am going to have enough of the fabric I want to use. Some of these sweater blocks are being made from stash fabric that is in larger pieces but some are being made from scrappy bits. Of course, the piece I want to use for the last block is smaller and I am already using it in another block so I need to finish that one first. I hope there is enough left over but if not that is okay too. I will just choose something else.

Even though all of the quilt block designs provided by Sew Fresh Quilts are just so cute I did substitute a pleated tree for one of the tree blocks that was designed by Lorna. I already had it made as a test for the tree block that I made for my Guild Pizza Box Exchange so I decided to include it in my quilt top. I really like it!

I have my Guild Executive meeting this morning but this afternoon I plan on turning some of these block centers into completed sweater blocks. My goal is to get this quilt top finished this month, as well as two others, and I am not sure how that will happen. Time is flying by - I can't believe that we are already almost half way through January!


Cathy said...

The one bonus of having your machine out for repair.... you get to work on other things that got put on the back of the line.

belarmina said...

Ellen son bonitos todos tus bloques
el árbol plisado es genial