Thursday, July 14, 2016


starting point on Wednesday pm
Wow...time does fly by and I am in 'catch up' mode! I have had quite a few things on my plate for the last couple weeks and even though much of it has been quilt related it did not really have anything to do with actually making quilts.

My last post I showed a photo of some quilt block parts that I had started to put together for a quilt that I need for a baby shower that is taking place on Saturday - that is THIS Saturday.

I had done some sewing since the last post but not near enough progress was made and when I got into my sewing room yesterday afternoon I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. There was nothing to do but get at it and get it done.

These are monkey wrench blocks that will finish at 5" and I had many of them sewn into sets of 3 rows and I also had a few that still needed to get to that stage. At least I wasn't starting completely from scratch. :)

finished blocks
After piecing all of the blocks I cut the sashing and the corner stones and starting joining everything together. I like what I see!

Thursday am start
I left off at 10 pm last night and then got back at it at 6:15 this morning. When I started this morning I worked on finishing up sewing the blocks and sashing together and then I added the narrow red border.

I am very pleased with my progress even though things didn't always go to plan...
oops...we all do it :)
I still need to add the outer border and make the backing. I am really hoping that my fabric for the border works because I just don't have the time to mess around. I have to work today until 7 pm and I am hoping that I will have the energy to cut and add the borders tonight. Tomorrow I will make the backing and do the quilting and put on the binding. I keep telling myself that I can do it. :)

lovin' it!
For now though, I have to get ready for work......


Scrap and quilts said...

I'm lovin' it too! Too bad that it has to be done in a rush and you can't really enjoy making this beautiful little quilt. Good luck with your goal. Yes! you can do it! (I do those "oops" all the time lol)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

It is adorable! I knew it would turn out great just like all your quilts!
Love sis