Thursday, June 30, 2016

A New Baby Quilt

I have been trying to decide on a quilt design for a baby quilt that I need to make for an upcoming baby shower. I have pulled out all sorts of fabrics from my stash hoping that a design or plan would come to me from looking at the fabrics but I was really having no luck at all. What the heck...I have all of this fabric and absolutely no ideas would come to me. I know that I have been going through a bit of dry spell when it comes to creativity but this really is quite ridiculous if you ask me!

Thankfully we have the Internet and all of the wonderful resources and eye candy that it supplies to us daily. I became reacquainted with a Bonnie Hunter design called Little Monkey and I decided that it was the one. It really is a traditional block that is not too difficult to make and it looks so cute!

Time had flown by and I just didn't realize how close the birth of this baby was until I got the invitation to the baby shower in the mail the other day. I have just about 2 weeks to get this quilt made and that really won't be a problem now that I know what I am going to make. ;)

I have pulled out lots of 2.5" hsts from my bins (as long as I had at least four of each fabric) and I cut more as well from my 2.5" strip bins.

I had a bin stashed away that contained a whole slew of twosies made from 1.5 squares and many of them were in sets of at least four so I was able to take advantage of those as well. As a matter of fact, there were many more than I actually need in this bin - yippee. These twosies were leftovers from a long ago project and I am very happy that I saved them!


Scrap and quilts said...

Good luck with your goal. It will be a very cute quilt with these lovely fabrics. Enjoy! ;^)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Gotta LOVE a Bonnie Hunter quilt!! Don't stress... you can always wrap the quilt top for the shower gift. The baby won't care that you didn't finish the quilt before its arrival!!!

Quiltbenaco said...

Buon lavoro!


Deb A said...

You can do it! Looking forward to seeing your baby quilt.