Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life is Very Good! :0

Life is good around here - mostly! We have been celebrating very good news for both of my sons. My eldest returned to university after graduating several years ago and has been accepted in the Masters program for English starting in September which is fantastic news for him and my youngest (who has a birthday today) just started a new job on Monday. He graduated with a degree in Finance and he got a job in his field at one of the big banks. I couldn't be prouder or happier for both of them!

Now for the 'mostly'...funny story. I had planned on doing some quilting last evening after spending the day working but my son had other business for me to attend to.  I ended up spending some time at the hospital with my younger wasn't really serious...but I didn't think going to a clinic would help. My son had just got home from work and was sitting at his computer desk just relaxing. He dropped something on the seat of his chair and it fell in the crack between the seat and the back. He reached down to brush it out and he got caught by a fishing hook! I know....a fish hook....what the heck!!?? It went into his finger quite deeply and we knew it was barbed because we couldn't get it out. So we went to hospital where they took an xray, saw that it had one barb and it was determined that they could freeze his finger, make a small incision and then pull the hook out. My son had me video the entire procedure for posterity. ;)

It was quite ridiculous to see him sitting in the waiting area at the hospital still dressed in his work clothes -shirt, tie, and dress pants - with a fish hook sticking out of his finger.

Today, I plan on doing a lot of sewing to make up for lost time! I have so many projects that want attention from me that sometimes it is hard to choose which one to work on. I am nearing completion of the Disappearing Pinwheel quilt so I think that is the one that will get my attention today. I have already started adding the borders and it shouldn't be long before it is a finished flimsy.

I wish you all a happy sewing day today!


Deb A said...

Oh no! Glad he was not seriously hurt and you can both laugh about it. Congrats on all the good get sewing! Think I will too - one cranky girl doing homework.... I need a reward =)

belarmina said...

Ellen felicidades por tener esos hijos!!
siento lo del anzuelo, solo pensarlo me duele,
la colcha de los molinillos es muy, muy bonita

canuckquilter said...

Congrats to both your sons. I'm glad the fish hook incident didn't require more drastic measures. I'm pretty sure my son would not have talked me into filming any measures though! You are one cool mom. Enjoy working on your disappearing pinwheel. IT looks beautiful so far.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good news and a completed quilt top, too!!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

All's well that ends well. Meanwhile, I love the palette of the Disappearing Pinwheel quilt. Very pretty.