Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Outreach Sewing

I was supposed to go to my Guild's Outreach Social Sew today but I stayed home instead. I have a sinus headache and sore throat and chills and I thought that being in a large room with lots of people and machines running would just be too noisy. I decided to work on my project at home instead and even though I missed out on the camaraderie I am glad I stayed home. Firstly, I won't be spreading any germs and secondly, I think I got way more sewing done than if I had attended the social sew. I very often spend more time with the social part than the sewing. ;)

Recently, I showed the first four blocks of this scrappy rectangle quilt. I had started it with the intention of using it for quilting practice and to give as a charity quilt.

There was no cutting required in the making of these block pieces, I just dumped out a bunch of 2" x 3.5" rectangles from my scrap bin and dug in.  I chain pieced one rectangle after another to make the subunits.

These block parts are ready to be joined into 6" finished blocks. If I counted correctly, I have the makings of 48 blocks plus the four that I had already made. I still need to make just a few more to allow for a 7 x 8 layout.

My sewing room is currently in a disaster state so I laid an old sheet on my dining room table and set everything up so I have room to work. I was much more productive than if I had tried to squeeze into my sewing room. I dug out my Bernina 910 and brought it downstairs to sew with because it really did need a good workout. I haven't sewn with this machine for a very long time because it is missing the sewing table that it came with originally. It is a free arm machine so the sewing surface is very narrow but I am making do just fine. Eventually, my husband will make me an extension table to fit but that is way down on the list of his priorities!


Chantal L. said...

Get well soon Ellen. Take care of yourself and plenty of rest.

Deb A said...

Oh no! I hope you have a speedy recovery. I had something like a flu bug for a week over christmas. I am just starting to feel better. Your blocks are lovely - I need to remember simple is charming most of the time =).

Cathy said...

I recently had to unbury my sewing machine. It's still pretty much a disaster in my sewing room, though.