Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Birds in the Air Blocks

Look what I did...I made six more Birds in the Air blocks from purple and blue scraps. I had made nine previously as a participant in the Block Lotto but since then I decided that I would also participate in the Old MacDonald Mystery Sampler hosted by Sophie of Block Lotto.

Oh my goodness! Did you click on the link? I just realized that the BIA blocks for the sampler are colour reversed so I need to make 6 more replacements....too funny. I will have to make those later today. I will chalk that boo boo up to being very tired yesterday from waking up waaaaay too early.

Sophie designs/chooses great blocks for the Block Lotto so I am pretty sure the mystery quilt will be a goody. You can join too if you are looking for a sampler mystery to participate in.

Yesterday morning I woke up really early, 4 am early. :(  I needed to do a quiet activity so I thought I would visit blogs, comment, respond to comments made on my blog, etc. You know, get caught up on stuff I missed because I worked this weekend. Something must have changed between Monday night and Tuesday morning, because after I commented on several blogs I started needing to click on the 'prove you are not a robot' thingy. That went on for several comments and then, in addition to proving I wasn't a robot, another box would pop up where I had to choose specific items. If I didn't do it my comment would not be accepted. It got quite annoying and onerous to leave comments so I stopped. I don't know what that was about but I hope it doesn't happen again!


sophie said...

The Birds in the Air blocks will work either way--with darker or lighter large triangles. Don't remake them. It was just a fluke that I happened to color them that way in the illustration.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful blocks. I am sure that they will be just fine the way they are.

Kaja said...

Well whether they are the right way round or not your blocks are very pretty. I hate the 'are you a robot' thing and always end up guessing, though I'm happier when it shows me lots of food pics and asks me to select the cakes!

Chantal L. said...

Sorry that you think you need to redo those blocks because they sure look good to me. As for the "are you a robot" I never clicked it. I go from commenting to publish and it never stopped my comment from publishing. I guess we don't have the same programs. But try skipping entirely and see what happens. ;^)