Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's a Beautiful Thing!

Hard to see my quilting on the floral fabric.
Excited and so happy! I have started the hand quilting on my latest Seven Sisters quilt. It really has been such a long time since I have done any hand quilting and I got mixed up right from the start. I couldn't wait to start so I marked a few fans and then started quilting it from the bottom right corner. Um....that didn't work out too well so once I realized what was going on I marked the quilt from left to right and then dug in with my needle. Sometimes I do have serious brain cramps!!

Oh...I can see it much better on the back!
Not sure why but I had 3 needle breaks last night. I may be trying to load too many stitches on my needle and will have to refrain from doing that. At this rate of breakage I will need to buy a needle factory to keep me supplied. ;)

I was anticipating quilting this baby all day long yesterday and couldn't wait until I had time to get going. I had my Guild Executive meeting yesterday and I am the Secretary. We are now starting nominations for the Executive next year and I wasn't going to continue but I ended up volunteering for Display. A lot easier than being Secretary!

Next on the agenda was to go to the sewing machine hospital and pick up my Singer 301A. She wasn't sick but she needed some TLC and I am looking forward to giving her a good workout. I still have my Singer 99k in for a check up and I will be thrilled to sew with her when I get her back.

Next stop, the Dermatologist. Ladies....if you have something on your skin that doesn't heal make sure you get it looked at. I had a small lesion at the bridge of my nose, right between my eyes, that wouldn't heal. Just red and peeling and no matter what I tried it wouldn't heal. I had a referral to the specialist and she determined that it was indeed skin damage from the sun and it had a potential for squamous cell cancer. I did not have cancer but it was coming if I didn't have the lesion looked after. I had my last cryo treatment yesterday, I hope. I kinda look like a cyclops but nowhere near what I looked like when I used the Picato Gel.  Even I am a beautiful thing! ;)


Chantal said...

Glad to hear you caught that lesion on time. I love your Baptist Fan. I plan to quilt Country Roads with that pattern. Since I don't have a ruler, I'll have to make some kind of stencil. Happy sewing. ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen cuida tu piel mucho!!!
me encanta tu acolchado,
el pasado domingo comencé a acolchar,
mi bola de nieve con esta plantilla,
voy muy lenta, pero sebe bonito

canuckquilter said...

So glad you caught the lesion early. Your baptist fans look good. I know what you mean about breaking needles. I've just gone through a package. Sometimes I can quilt for days with one needle, other times they break one after another. I don't know if it's a change in the angle I'm quilting at, or in how tightly the quilt is stretched in the hoop, or if some packages just have more duds in them.