Monday, January 4, 2016

A Treasure???

Problems with this quilt top!
Quite some time ago, my sister Glenda saw a quilt top that was quite striking to look at and she really liked it - a lot - so it went home with her. Well, it actually went home with me because I offered to quilt it for her. Once it made its way into my sewing room it was almost lost forever in all of the goodies that I have stashed in there. :)

When my quilty sister Cheryl decided to visit me to do some long arm quilting I needed to make space in my sewing room and I rediscovered this quilt top. It was still in the bag and it had the backing, batting, thread, and a few extra pieces of fabric leftover from piecing the front. I pulled it out and thought that I would finally do the quilting and return it to Glenda. I am sure she has been wondering when she was going to get it back but was too nice to say anything. :)

It needed a good press and boy oh boy, bad things just do not press out and we all know they don't quilt out either! The quilt top is totally out of square and not by just a few smidges. I took several different measurements across the width and the measurements vary from 72" - 73.5" and along the length 92" - 94". Yikes!!!

I want to fix it for my sister but I don't really want to take it all apart. The star blocks in the center look okay and it looks like the problems started with the setting triangles and the first border. Those black triangles are very ripply. I am okay with taking off the last border and trying to square it and then using a double layer of batting to try to quilt out the excess in the center. Or, another thought is to just remove the center leaving all of the borders intact, square the center and adjust the borders all in one go as necessary by hacking/slashing/taking in or adding extra pieces. I really don't want to mess with the piecing if I can help it because from the stitching on the back you can tell that the quilt maker was trying to make things work by sewing multiple seams to make adjustments instead of actually fixing the problem right from the beginning.

It is a shame that these modifications need to be made but hopefully the quilt top can be saved because the colours and the fabrics used in the quilt are really wonderful in person. Needless to say, I have left a phone message with my sister to 'call me'.


scraphappy said...

That doesn't look at all like something that can be fixed in the quilting stage. Yikes! Good luck getting it to work.

canuckquilter said...

Oh dear! I can tell you love your sister if you're willing to deconstruct and redo parts of this for her. The pattern and colors do look lovely though.

Deb A said...

Oh no! Good luck and I hope you and your sister can come up with a workable solution.

Chantal L. said...

It is a gorgeous quilt but even in the pictures one can tell there's a problem with it. I can see some hours of unstitching for you in a very near future. You're starting the new year with a tough job but it will be one of your best work. I just know it. Good luck Ellen.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am having this issue with my current UFO... no one to blame but me! LOL
I'm just going to remove the last border and try to even it up and reduce the wavyness.

Jennie in GA said...

Nice quilt....too bad for the snafu. You must really love your sister to be willing to tackle fixing it, though. Makes my head hurt to think about it...LOL.