Friday, January 15, 2016

A Little Bit of Sewing

Today, I spent some time working on my rectangle charity quilt. I have been sewing the blocks into sets of two and then the pairs into groups of four. I have been using my Singer 301a that I just got back from servicing and it is working wonderfully. Gee I love that machine!

I was going to leave it at that but once I took the first picture I changed my mind and sewed the top together. It turned out just fine. It is quite small at the moment but once I add the borders it will be big enough for a child/youth.

I also dug through my stash to gather lots of different fabrics to provide enough variety to work on the 365 Challenge - The Ultimate Sampler quilt. I first decided to use green and brown and then I changed it to blue and brown and then.....I put it all away. What am I thinking!!!! I have so many quilts already that I want to make and that I can't seem to get done. I think I will just watch this one and I will enjoy seeing the quilts being made by others.

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday because we had my eldest son's birthday celebration at our house. His birthday isn't until the 21st but this was the only time slot he had available for the family celebration. There were five of us, Adam and his girlfriend Anna, my other son Eric and my husband and I and we had a good time. Before dinner we played a card game called Munchkins and after dinner we played Mascarade and then Carcassonne. My little family - I am so lucky!


Bente Antonsen said...

Your quilt looks nice. I am also making this quilt for charity, but I am stil cutting rectangels. The 365 challenge hooked me too, but I havent started yet. Just downloading patterns. I easily get distracted from my plans!!

Raewyn said...

Your charity quilt looks great - very scrappy and very effective! I did the same as you with the 365challenge quilt - it's such a fun idea but when I thought of all my other ongoing projects that I want to continue with I didn't see how I would keep up!

Chantal said...

I love this block. It makes such a lovely scrappy quilt. Will make one of my one someday. Congrats on getting it all together so fast.
(Shhhut don't tell anyone but I am playing the 365 Challenge game. I'll blog about it but only tomorrow.)

scraphappy said...

I was so tempted by the Ultimate Sampler too! Keeping up with a quilt of that magnitude was a little daunting though. Starting too many projects is a recipe for UFOs.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a wonderful SCRAPPY quilt!!!

Jeanne said...

Love your scrappy, charity quilt! I might have to add that pattern to my 'to do' list! LOL