Thursday, December 17, 2015

Perogie Making Day

On Christmas Eve I will be serving a meal consisting of yummy Polish food and today my husband and I are making the perogies.

I peeled the potatoes and chopped the onion last night in preparation and got them started cooking this morning.

I have trouble getting the dough rolled thin so that is my husband's job and I get to stuff and pinch...pinch....pinch.

These perogies will be frozen on the cookie sheets and then transferred to freezer bags. There will be plenty for dinner on Christmas Eve and there will also be plenty of leftovers for our guests to take home.  We love these little nuggets of deliciousness....YUM!!

I am not Polish but my husband is of Polish descent and that means my sons are too so I do try to incorporate Polish food in our celebrations. When I was engaged to my husband, his mother invited me over to learn how to make perogies. Honestly, I think she wanted to see if I could make them successfully because after they were boiled she proclaimed that I would be 'a good wife' because my perogies did not fall apart during the cooking process. Funny how you remember things :). She would have been 100 years old this past October.

I had never even tasted perogies until I met my husband and then I realized that I was missing out. There is nothing like homemade perogies and store bought ones just don't seem to cut it, although, Costco does sell one brand that does taste pretty good.


belarmina said...

Hellen muuuuuuuuu
esta conida tiene muy buen pinta

Deb A said...

Sounds really yummy.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Your perogies are the best! Glad thats done, now on to the next item on the list!

Love sis

Denise said...

I love perogies and I'm not even polish. Have you tried putting sauerkraut in them? That's really good. yep I have German in me LOL. Love dill pickles too. :) Can you post your dough recipe. I can't find perogies here and I really miss them so want to try to make them on my own.