Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hopes of a Sewing Day...!

2 pairs and a single flannel

Yesterday, I was up bright and early or should I say dark and early. I was anxious to get my day going and planned to do a full day of sewing and quilting. Well, we all know that plans get changed whether we like it or not!

I did manage to make seven pillowcases for Christmas gifts. From the time I met my husband, we have celebrated Christmas Eve at his Mom's place and when she moved with us we continued the practice. When she passed away we decided to carry on the tradition.

On Christmas Eve we have friends over and we have our Christmas dinner. We do exchange token gifts with each other but save our family gift opening until Christmas morning. This year we have two couples and a 9 year old child over for the celebrations. I have made Christmas pillowcases as gifts for them and I will include some Lego for the child and some chocolates for the adults. I had some fabric left over and made one pillowcase each in red and green that we will keep for ourselves.

I used the method that I found on YouTube - Missouri Star Quilt Company and it was a very easy method and gave very good results.  Even though I have a serger I made mine with French seams because it is such a nice finishing touch.

singles for me to keep
I actually made two of the green pillowcases in November and they are hanging as part of the Christmas display at work and they turned out really well. I will get them back sometime after Christmas so I won't be able to use them until next year.

I still have more pillowcases to make for my sons and a couple other people but my plans were interrupted with the 'h' word. You know, the dreaded 'housework' word. My son has invited a group of friends over to play a Warhammer game today and will need to use my dining room table. The house was in a shambles so chores became important and they had to be done.

While they are all hanging out on the main floor of the house today, I hope to be puttering away in my sewing room.  :)


Chantal L. said...

So nice that you kept the tradition going. We too go to my in-laws on Christmas'Eve. Enjoy your sewing. Great pillowcases btw. ;^)

Deb A said...

I hate that H word... I think we should take it out of the dictionary! Love your pillowcases and such a great tradition you are carrying on. Hope you are happily sewing away today.

Ariane said...

Love your pillowcases!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Those Christmas Pillowcases are beautiful!
Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season.