Friday, November 6, 2015

Starting a New Quilt

I need to make a quilt and I need it done fairly quickly. Luckily it doesn't need to be too large - something like a toddler quilt/lap quilt.

I have decided to use these fun fabrics with this wonderful colour palette. Navy, green, yellow and orange along with some coordinating dots and funky florals....what could be better?? Hopefully, it all works out according to plan!

I am not working today so I plan to get started cutting and sewing strips right away. Since I started back to work last May, I find I am lacking time and energy for quilting so I need to grab the time when it and some energy presents itself at the same time. ;))


Cathy said...

I love the sensation of starting a new quilt. The fun of choosing the fabrics, the joy of planning and the anticipation of the outcome. The satisfaction of the finish. Or if it is never finished, the experience and knowledge gained during the process. Have fun!!

Frances said...

Have fun making this little quilt. Feeling the same about work and grabbing time for quilting. Enjoy your weekend.

belarmina said...

parece un proyecto alegre!!!
impaciente por ver los progresos
buen fin de semana

Deb A said...

Fun choices to play with. Hope your quilt is coming out how you see it in your mind. Glad you found some energy and time to quilt!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I never found quilting time when I worked! Now sometimes I have so many days that I am very unproductive! I need to remember the days I wished I could be at home sewing! Looking forward to what you will do with the lovely fabrics

audrey said...

Wonderful grouping of fabrics! Good luck on getting through your quilt top.:)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I can't wait to see the pattern you chose. Pretty, pretty patterned fabric!

Love sis