Monday, October 26, 2015

Sashing and Borders

I am a day late for Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching because I was working yesterday but I still want to show the progress I have made over the past week on my latest Seven Sisters quilt. Since my last post, I have prepared and stitched on the horizontal sashing strips and I have the vertical strips as well as the vertical borders ready to get stitched on. I took the picture showing a horizontal border but they aren't quite ready because they still need to be cut to size and the stitching lines need to be marked. I wish I could have taken a better photo but sadly this was the best of the lot!

I am so excited because I can see how close I am getting to beginning the process of hand quilting this baby but......I am also unsure how it is all going to look when it is done. Now that all of the pieces are finished and the sashing and borders are all laid out it doesn't quite look like I had envisioned. Hopefully, it will all look okay once everything is sewn into a quilt top and the magic of quilting happens,

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

This is going to be gorgeous! The magic does really happen once the quilting is done.

Love sis