Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Made a Kindle Protector

I will be going on a long drive to my brother's place very soon and I want to take my Kindle with me. I didn't have a protector of any kind for my Kindle and I didn't want it to get scratched or damaged on my trip so I made one.

I started with two coordinating fat quarters, a piece of scrap batting (yippee....I am using some up) and a piece of velcro.

As I started working on the case I decided to leave the velcro behind and I attached a loop of ribbon instead. I plan to add a button to the front of the case to wrap and loop the ribbon around but I need to purchase one.

It came together fairly easily and I am quite happy with it, although, if I had been thinking I would have made the ribbon longer and then I would have been able to just wrap it around the bag to hold it closed. Elastic would have been even better but, even though I am sure I have some hanging around, I just couldn't find it. Oh time.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

What a great idea! Hope you enjoy your trip.

Love sis