Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winding Ways Blocks

Every so often I would take a little time at my sewing machine to work on my pink and brown Winding Ways blocks. Those occasional sewing sessions have added up and I now have all of the blocks finished with one small exception. I say a small exception but it really had me in a bit of a panic!
ready for pressing

I have four more of the brown blocks to finish but I don't have enough center strips to finish them. I was so sure that my sister and I had cut enough of the strips for all of the blocks but I couldn't find them anywhere. That is when the panic set in and I was hoping I had some fabric left but I wasn't 100% sure.

I had a picture in my memory of a piece of the fabric somewhere and when I checked the bin that I had stored my extra/leftover fabric for this quilt I had no luck. I searched my fabric cupboards, my fat quarter bins and my strip bins but nothing to be found. All the while I was thinking 'how will I get a replacement piece'???? I lastly checked bins that contained the parts for other projects and finally at the bottom of one stack I found a nice chunk of the brown fabric. Thank goodness...I must admit I was really relieved to find it.

Just four more to go!
I had cut this quilt using my sister's Go Winding Ways die and I was going to go visit her and use the die while I was there but when she visited me recently she brought it with her. I will just cut the last couple pieces that I need and that will be that!


audrey said...

Good for you to have found the fabric! I would have found it months later if it would have been me.:)

Deb A said...

I have felt that panic before. Never fun but so glad you found the fabric you needed. It is looking beautiful by the way.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh I know that feeling! I am looking forward to see this go together. So nice that you and your sister get use out of her go cutter. I just can't justify getting one with the cost of the dies.

Angie said...

Brown & pink are one of my favorite color combinations! How lucky you were to find such great fabrics to combine. Looking forward to seeing this one finished - it is sure to be drool-worthy!

belarmina said...

entiendo ese agobio al faltar un poco de tela!!!
al fin podrás terminar y sera un precioso edre don
desde su comienzo me gusta tantísimo, deseo ver su final

Jo said...

What a relief... That's lucky. Today I quilted a quilt I had in the cupboard for about 2 years. Went to put the binding that was with it and there is not enough...
I'm off to my friends tomorrow to see if she has any of it. Otherwise I will have to buy something else. It is only a plain navy but might be hard to match..