Friday, September 19, 2014


I am still working on organizing my sewing studio so that I can at least get in there, sit down and sew! It is a long and quite tedious business and I just want it behind me. I don't know why I let it get so out of control. I am tired of having to shift stuff and fabric and whatever just to be able to sew comfortably. The good news is that I have made progress ....

Don't these string and crumb bins look like they are full of fun? I can't wait to dig into them.

It has been a very long time since I have been able to see the floor under my cutting table!  I had a ton of stuff underneath these tables. There were bags of old jeans, boxes and a laundry basket of fabric that came from my MIL's home. The fabric had belonged to her and her daughter Wanda and I figured it was just about time that I got it sorted out. I was surprised to find pretty much a whole box of vintage fabric hidden underneath a small stack of solids. I am in the process of washing the fabric and getting it ready to go into my stash. I will have to think about how and when I will use these pieces of fabric. I wish I had taken a picture of the fabric but it will have to wait until I have cleaned and ironed it.

Over the next little while I will also spend time cutting the jeans apart and into usable chunks of fabric. This will allow for ease of storage and I won't have to commit to cutting it into quilt parts until I have decided on a pattern. I already have a lot of jeans cut into squares and rectangles waiting for me to make a quilt or two. I know it doesn't look like much when the pieces are just sitting in a bin but can you see the possibilities?

Maybe I will get one started soon because I would like to have a nice heavy quilt in the car over the winter season. I think it would make a perfect quilt for all seasons really - wonderful for warmth but also a great picnic or beach blanket.

So many quilts to make but so little time!


Cheryl said...

Yahoo! Your sewing room looks so much better and so glad that you will be able to sew in it now! Your green bins look great and I am looking forward to seeing more crumb blocks and string quilts in your future. Love sis

canuckquilter said...

Ah, so many possibilities in those bins! I find a "reset" of my sewing space can really jumpstart my creativity. It's tedious while I'm resetting, but so worthwhile in the end. Have fun getting back to the sewing!

belarmina said...

Se ve ya mucho orden!!
me entran ganas de ordenar mi espacio
pero ¡¡¡¡que pereza!!!!
por donde empezar?

Chantal said...

Cleaning up a sewing room and giving yourself some elbow room always gets the creative juice flowing. Those green bins look like paradise to me. Hmmm lucky you. Enjoy the scrappy party.

audrey said...

The cleaning up part isn't so much fun, but afterwards is incredibly rewarding.:) Lookin' good!

Jo said...

Wish you could come and do mine. Looks great. Well worth the time