Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back in my Studio and Words of Wisdom!

Today I made my block of the month for the York Quilt Guild - square in a square. We were asked to make a pair and I went ahead and made two sets just for the fun of it! These blocks are cute and will finish at 8". If I am lucky enough to be one of the winners this month I plan to turn it into a donation quilt. I think it will make a fun quilt for a young person. In keeping with this month's orange theme for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I made two of the blocks with orange scraps.

Now...the words of wisdom....never, ever, and I mean ever commit to renovating three bathrooms at one time .... unless it is for your Mother of course! ;) I have spent most of my summer working on these bathrooms and it has been quite the challenge. Nothing is ever easy when you renovate because you find all kinds of problems and anything that can go wrong certainly will!!

I have been the project manager, volunteer coordinator, the designer, the shopper, the gopher, the helper and holder, a cheerleader, one of the painters, as well as the site maintenance and clean up crew. This has been a family project that was coordinated by moi and happily there were other family members that pitched in and helped out. None of us are professionals and only a couple volunteer workers have had any experience with home renos.

Unfortunately, one bathroom is not quite finished - the walls and the surround for the tub still need to be installed - but one of my nephews has thankfully taken over to complete it. My husband was scheduled for shoulder surgery in January and we would have been able to complete the project but his surgery has been rescheduled for September and we have run out of time.

The bathrooms look great and my Mother is thrilled with them and that makes all of the time and effort spent working on them so worth it. Time is very precious and it really made my Mom feel so good knowing that family members were willing to spend their time helping her.

Now that my obligation is complete (other than a few minor details) I hope to get in more quilting time. I really miss spending time in my studio!! My husband will have a crazy looking sling with foam padding holding his arm in front and away from his body and he will be unable to use his right arm at all for six weeks and he will not be able to drive for three months. I am pretty sure that I will be at his beck and call during this time but that should not stop me from hanging out in my studio. The upside is that he will be at my mercy - hee hee hee.


Deb A said...

Three bathrooms! Yikes - that is quite the undertaking. Your Mom is one lucky lady. Cute blocks and they would make a great little cuddle quilt. Six weeks and three months? Yikes - I hope he has been extra nice to you since he is at your mercy for a bit =).
Good luck and wishing for a speedy recovery for him and lots of patience for you.

Cheryl said...

Good Morning Ellen

Your little blocks for the Quilt Guild look wonderful. Bathrooms do look great so glad that they are just about done. I guess with John's surgery at least you will be at home so that does = more sewing time.

Love sis

Peggy said...

Nice blocks and a great way to use up scraps! We've renovated before, and are right now helping our son - nothing truer than 'plan on double the time, double the cost' every time you start a project. Hoping your hubbie's surgery goes well and his recovery is quick!

Terri said...

You might be in line for a lot of extra work... I know being in pain and twisting and turning to do some of the most intimate of chores (wiping your butt) is very difficult. Be prepared for that.
Good work on Mom's bathrooms!
I enjoyed your blog immensely, even read some of it to my hubby... the part about your hubby.

belarmina said...

Poder ayudar a la madre es muy emotivo!!!!!
ya me gustaría, ayudamos a mis padres siempre que nos necesitaron
ya no los tenemos y cuanto los añoramos
dale muchos abrazos a tu madre
y uno por mi