Monday, June 9, 2014

Celtic Solstice...

is on the frame and I am ready to go. I needed an extra piece of fabric to finish making the backing and I was able to get it from my sister Cheryl. Sisters are fantastic in so many ways and I am so fortunate to have so many of them - six to be exact - but we must not forget the two brothers as well!

I am going to use blue thread for this quilt and I think it will look wonderful - at least I hope it will :).

I only had a few bobbins for my Millie so I always had to keep stopping mid quilting to fill up the empties and it was a bit annoying. Recently, I purchased a whole whack of bobbins and I think it will make things go a lot more smoothly for me. I will be able to fill as many as I need all in one is good!


  1. It always makes it so much easier with the bobbins already wound

  2. Guessing how many bobbins to fill at the begining of a quilt is always a fun game. Blue will look great on this quilt. Love it!

  3. Desde el comienzo de este edredón
    los colores me parecen
    ¡¡¡tan alegres!!!
    Felicidades!!!! tener hermanos es genial
    yo tengo 3, dos chicos y una chica
    siempre que el tiempo lo permite nos reunimos y que bueno.....

  4. You have lots of bobbins and siblings... life is good :)
    ENjoy your quilting!

  5. Your Celtic Solstice is beautiful!! I quit winding bobbins ages ago, and started buying the Bottom Line pre-wounds. What a wonderful invention!! For some reason, I found that winding bobbins was a horrible chore.

  6. That is a beautiful CS you are making. I'd love to see the quilting once you're done. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is such a wonderful quilt. The choises of the colors looks like the summer in Italy.
    Have a nice week and take care

  8. Blue will look great on there. Good luck with the quilting. I really must get back to my CS quilt.... step 2!

  9. Good to see another CS on its way to being completed!

  10. Hi Ellen

    I am in love with Celtic Solstice. The pattern and the blue with orange and green is wonderful. Love that you are using dark blue thread. Can't wait to see the quilting finished. Love sis


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