Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three Quilts-a-Quilted!

donation quilt - quilted with loopy-loops
I just may be on a roll because I got three quilts quilted over the past couple days. I do have a deadline to have two of these quilts finished for the York Guild. They are both donation quilts for the Rose of Sharon and I made one at a Sew'n Social with the Guild and the second one was made by another lady and I offered to do the quilting.

The quilt I made was quilted with a free-hand loopy loop - I just love that design - it is just so uncomplicated and fun.

On the second quilt I made another attempt at free-hand flowers but they are still as ugly as ever. I think that once it is washed many of my boo-boos will not be quite so noticeable. In the meantime, we will just say that the quilting is 'charming'!
donation quilt - quilted with flowers
back of donation quilt

Tonight, I will be spending time on the couch sewing on the bindings for both quilts. They are only 36" square so I think it just may be possible to get them both finished over the next day or two.

Kathy from Kathy's Quilts is hosting 'Slow Sunday Stitching' today - pop on over to check out the links!

Cheryl's quilt

Cheryl's quilt 
back of Cheryl's quilt
Before I quilted the donation quilt with the free-hand flowers I practiced on a quilt top made by my sister. Her quilt is really quite cute and I am glad that she allowed me to practice my quilting on it. It was only the second time that I have tried to do the flower motif and I am finding it to be quite challenging! I don't know who she is planning on giving this quilt may be a donation quilt.


Terri said...

From here your quilting looks great. I'm wondering if you have that self critic condition? We can't all be "Best in Class" on the very first day. Love the strips with the hearts on the ends.

Deb A said...

The quilting looks great to me! Such cute quilts - love the purple hearts in the border. I still have one of the first FMQ quitls I made - looks terrible on the back but it has seen plenty of washing, dragging and such and is still holding together and snuggly. We all have to start somewhere =)

scraphappy said...

Your flowers look fabulous! Congratulations on getting 3 quilts done! Quite and accomplishment.

Michelle said...

Looks good from where I'm looking.......!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I think the quilting looks quite even from here. Sometimes we are our own worse critic! The important thing is that you got in a lot practice. I am not a machine quilter but from what everyone says that is very important.

Quilter Kathy said...

You really are on a roll! Great quilting! Hope you enjoyed your binding stitching!

audrey said...

Perfect to practice on donation quilts! Looks great to me.:) You're being a very busy bee!

Sheila said...

They are beautiful! Quilting looks great to me.