Friday, May 9, 2014

Quilting For Cheryl

Just off the frame - oh so pretty!
My sister Cheryl came to visit me for two reasons on Monday. The first reason was so that I could do the quilting on this bright and beautiful quilt that she will be gifting to our young niece - Alyssa. It turned out just gorgeous!! Cheryl chose a panto that was challenging and beautiful. This quilt is only around 65" x 74" and the quilting time alone was at least four hours. We had it all loaded and ready to go by 6 pm and I didn't finish quilting it until 11 pm but that included a small break too. It really turned out so pretty - my sister did such a great job and I think our niece is going to just love it!
Roughly trimmed and ready for Cheryl to add the finishing touches.
The other reason Cheryl came to visit was because our Aunt Iris Morgan had passed away in Tillsonburg on April 21 and we attended the memorial service in Lynedoch on April 28. Iris was a very talented and well known quilter and always won many ribbons for the quilts she entered into local fairs and shows. I had previously written a bit about her here. As a quilter, she will be missed but always remembered because her son passed on some of her quilting supplies and fabric to Cheryl and I.

While Cheryl was visiting we spent some time going through the boxes and thinking about Iris and what her plans had been for different items. There is one particular quilt that I do plan to finish for her but I will talk more about that a bit later.

Every time we use something that belonged to Iris...a pair of scissors...or some fabric she will always come to mind and we will pause for a moment to think about her.


Linda said...

Very pretty quilt! Your niece will just love it! Nice to have such wonderful momentos of your Aunt.

Michelle said...

Love the quilt Ellen........and so shall your niece !!

belarmina said...

precioso edredón !!!!!!
felicidades a vuestra sobrina
seguro que estará muy contenta con su regalo
Y por favor poner fotos de las colchas de la tía Iris
que bonito, hasta su nombre me gusta

Terri said...

Your sister's quilt turned out wonderfully. I guess the "icon" blood runs in the two of you.
Sorry about your Aunt Iris.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Your sisters quilt is just gorgeous. Love all that color and the border fabric sets it off nicely. So sorry to hear about your aunt, but you are so right about using her notions, it will be like she is there with you. I bet she was so glad you are carrying on the craft.

Cathy Tomm said...

Love a family the quits together. Sounds like you and your sister had a good time quilting and talking about your aunt. Great little quilt, love the bright colours.

Cathy said...

Love the quilt. It's so cheery and colorful. What a wonderful way to reminisce about a beloved aunt. Awesome quilting job too. (I'm jealous...Wish I had a sister who knew how to sew).

scraphappy said...

What fun colors in your quilt. So glad you have such a nice way of remembering your Aunt.

Peggy said...

Such a pretty quilt! So nice to pass on memories, at the same time as you're receiving memories. Isn't the quilting world wonderful!

Quilter Kathy said...

So sorry for your loss of a special aunt. How wonderful that you have some of her quilting tool to remember her by.
Love how you and your sister are carrying on the quilty tradition in your family! Your niece will love this quilt!

Jo said...

Your quilts are lovely and your thoughts and tears will be there always

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such a beautiful quilt - your neice will surely love it!
I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Aunt Iris!
What a gift to have received some of her quilting fabrics and supplies!
May you find great comfort knowing that a part of her love & passion for quilting has been passed on to you and can be expressed thru the hearts and hands of you and your sister.