Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Backing Day

The top backing still requires a bit more work - it's for my Celtic Solstice quilt.
Yesterday was supposed to be the day I had planned as a 'backing making day' and I intended to make four backings. Things don't always work out as planned and that can be such a good thing because I had a most welcome interruption. My eldest son, Adam, had come home the previous evening for an overnight visit. He needed to take care of some business in our town and then he headed off back home in the early afternoon. We had a very nice visit!

Making backings is not my 'most' favourite part of quilting but it certainly is necessary. I got the backing for Daniel's quilt completely finished and the backing for Nick's quilt was well underway. I also got the third one, for Celtic Solstice, almost finished but I didn't have quite enough of the fabric that I wanted to use as the backing. Thankfully, my sister Cheryl just happens to have a piece that I can get from her. All I will need to do is prep the last piece and sew it to the section I have completed and then it will be done as well.

This morning I finished up the backing for Nick's quilt and the backing for my niece Amanda's quilt. Three of these quilt tops are quite large, with Celtic Solstice being the exception, and it took a bit of finagling to make the backings - they were all wider than two widths of fabric and that increased the challenge for me. Does it ever feel good to have those backings made and that chore behind me!

Watch out I come. You are definitely going to get another workout!!


audrey said...

It's not my favorite thing to do either, but it's so very nice when they're all ready to go! Great that you got in a good visit with your son.:)

Deb A said...

Wow - Millie is really going to get a workout! I really dislike working with big things - backing are one of them. It does feel so good to have them done and ready to go.

Chantal said...

Love the fabric you've picked especially the brown one. Yummm! What I like the least is long borders, whether it is on the front or the back! :-{ Yack!

belarmina said...

que bien el hijo en casa por una noche
me alegro , y supongo que una buena charla sobremesa
¡¡¡como me gustan estos encuentros!!!
la telas se ven preciosas