Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready to Quilt

I finished marking the baptist fan pattern on my quilt last night. I know I am not being very adventurous with the quilting design but honestly, what quilt doesn't look fantastic with baptist fans on it?? It is probably my favourite quilting design.

I used a .7 Frixion pen to do the marking and from what I can see it is working just fine. I can see the lines without any difficulty and it did go fairly quickly. The only drawback so far is that I needed to use 3 pens to mark the top and they are not really cheap pens, but I guess in the grand scheme of things it is a minor cost. I didn't completely drain the pens either so what is left in them will be fine to mark smaller blocks. This quilt is not overly huge but will probably finish at something like 75 x 85.

Audrey from Quilty Folk (if you haven't visited her site you should because she makes wonderful quilts) sets a goal to have a hand quilted project done within a couple months. I plan to follow her lead with this quilt and set a deadline to have it quilted in 2 months (3 at the latest). The first Seven Sisters quilt took me years to finish and quite frankly, if I spend 5 years on each of the Seven Sisters quilts that I have planned, I won't get them finished and my sisters won't get to enjoy them!


Deb A said...

Great job. It must be a prep work day today. I think I am getting hooked on hand quilting. I am working on a little one for Emmy and it looks so neat with the hand quilting on it. My Birds in the air quilt is going to be hand quilted eventually.

Frances said...

I am glad you are finding the pen OK. I recently purchased one too, having put it off for a long time. The idea of using a pen on a quilt, just didn't sit comfortably with me, but like you, am ready to give it a try.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Really love this seven sisters quilt! I like you love the Baptist Fan quilting pattern. love sis

Crispy said...

Hmmmm 3 pens is a lot. I agree, the baptist fan will look lovely on this quilt :0)