Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Midget Block #74 - Bride

Of all of the midget blocks that I have made, this one by far is the one that I am most proud. This block was such a challenge to me and I kept putting if off and then when I did start to work on it I just did a bit at a time because it was a bit overwhelming to me. I know that sounds ridiculous because it is just a quilt block and a little one at that, but honestly I had hot flashes like you wouldn't believe because it was such a challenge to my beginner applique skills. I did persevere and I think it turned out great!

I did work on it in stages over the past couple days, first I appliqued the center block onto the background fabric and then I stitched on the corners.
I didn't use the first heart, I had messed up the inner point!

I had used the provided templates and cut out my pink fabric for the arc pieces but instead of using them I ended up just cutting a strip on the bias from my fabric and pressed it like you would a stem. I made sure that when I pressed it that I sort of pulled it from under the iron in a curved motion and I think that helped a lot because the fabric had a bit of curve in its memory. I used the supplied pattern and found the placement for the arcs and just appliqued them on. I left the ends open because the hearts were going to go on top of the edges.

This is the first time that I have made an applique inner point the correct way. My first effort on a previous block was very poor and that is because I cut the inner part away ahead of time when I really only needed to just take a small snip in that area. I started making the first heart incorrectly and then I discovered that it is best to not even worry about snipping until I was actually ready to applique that area and in the end it went pretty well for me. I still need more practice and I am sure that I will encounter more inner points on future midget blocks. If you are interested in making these blocks they can be found at Sentimental Stitches and most of them are still available for free.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the events that took place in the US yesterday. I cannot comprehend how someone could do such a terrible and horrific thing. You have my sympathy.


laurajane said...

It's gorgeous,a great job well done.xx

scraphappy said...

What a beautiful block. The nicest part of making this quilt was mastering techniques that seemed impossible at the start. By the end, even the scariest looking block seemed dooable. Fabulous work!

audrey said...

Congrats on a beautiful block! So glad you persevered and are now able to thoroughly enjoy your efforts.:)

Sheila said...

What a difficult blocks. Beautifully done. (And I thought your Priscilla Stars looks difficult!)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Wow! What a pretty block. You did a wonderful job in getting the Bride Block together. Love sis

Deb A said...

That came out Awesome! The thing I love about these blocks is that I am not afraid to try anything now (ok. I still put things off a bit) since I have been building up my quilting skills.

Crispy said...

WTG girl friend!! Your block came out wonderfully :0)