Monday, April 15, 2013

Hopefully More Trial Than Error

I was talking to my sister Cheryl today and she asked me how I was going to put my Priscilla Stars together and it got me thinking. I know...I always means trouble! I didn't really have too much of a plan other than making the star points from strings so this is something that I needed to figure out.

I quickly made a paper template for the background triangles and found that I could cut 2 background pieces from a 3.5" x 5" rectangle. I just have to remember that I need to cut them in reverse as well. It makes me very happy that I can use 3.5" strips because I can just pull the neutrals from my strip bins and I don't have to do any fussy cutting. But, now that I have sewn my block together, I am not too sure if I have done it correctly. I used some 3.5" qsts from my bins to use for the center square, which was nice and easy and not complicated at all but when I sewed everything together the block looked a bit wonky to me. It may very well be because I am joining string blocks to a background fabric that is cut on the bias so both parts that I am joining together are quite stretchy.

I am going to have to make a couple more test blocks before I get too far ahead of myself!


Peg said...

Looking good! Have you tried a pressing pray to keep those bias cuts a little more stable?

scraphappy said...

Hmm, that does sound like a lot of stretchiness. Hope it all works out in the end though, because the block looks great.

Crispy said...

Yeah, those bias edges will get ya every time. Would trimming help or are they really too wonky?