Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Jane - Hot Cross Buns (B-5)

Boy was I ever distracted today. I couldn't really focus on much of anything but I did get this block finished - even though it took me all day!

I appliqued the diamond shapes onto the squares and then I just hand stitched all of the pieces together. It went together without any problems and ended up looking really neat and tidy on the back because most of the pieces were large compared to some of the other blocks I have already made.


Deb A said...

Very nice! That is a lot of hand work in one day.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Really like this Hot Crossed Buns block. Very pretty blue fabric! Looks so nice with the white. Love sis

Crispy said...

Your block came out fabulous. It's kinda nice doing one with bigger pieces for a change, huh? LOL


scraphappy said...

Your D tuned out great. I love the ones that come together nicely. Working on this quilt for a while gives you a new opinion of what big pieces look like.