Friday, March 15, 2013

My Sow-along Blocks are Done!

I finished the blocks yesterday and I am so happy that I finally got the last one done. I had fallen behind but I was determined to finish all of the posted blocks.

Here they are all together on the design wall. It looks like a big messed up dogs breakfast but once sashing is added it will calm things down and you will be able to see each block individually instead of as one huge mass. There are 67 blocks in total and even with sashing and a border added there is not quite enough blocks for a bed sized quilt. This is going to go to my husband and it needs to be bigger so I think I will have a look at the Farmer's Wife book and pick out some more blocks to add to my little collection.

I haven't done any sewing yet today but I do plan on getting some done later this evening. I have been neglecting my 'duties' and I need to spend some time today cleaning and cooking. I have already done the dishes and made a big pot of soup and have put a large container of it in the freezer for another day. I still have some baking to do and cleaning - oh how I wish my house could keep itself clean!


Deb A said...

If you figure out how a house can keep itself clean let me know! Love all your blocks. Some day I will get mine done too.... eventually. Will adding a couple of solid borders make it big enough? A pretty blue and brown would look great on there.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Oh Ellen, this is so great. I am glad then to hear that the original 67 wouldn't have made a bed sized quilt. I am on #79...I deviated from the original lot at bit...and now very glad that I did, and still another 20 to go that that I have patterns figured out for. I can send you some easy links to FWQ if you wish, or they are easy enough found on the www. I do love your collections of browns and blue. I am inspired to get back to mine block at a time. Like a recovery program for fabricaholics.

maria celina ariza quintero said...

hola ellen me encantan tus bloques que medida tiene cada uno? yo quiero arriesgarme hacer un edredon de diversos modelos de bloque hasta ahora estoy incursionando en este mundo del patchwork, aunque ha he echo e edredones uno el sendero del borracho y el otro en escaleras, me gustaron mcho.

te felicito por tan magnifico trabajo una abrazo

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen
Your blocks look amazing! I too love the blue and brown. Looking forward to see this quilt!