Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Play Time

I have been working on a few different projects in my sewing room over the past couple days and I have made more progress with my Engineer's Wife blocks. I have the last 9 blocks that were posted by Randy at Barristers Block all cut and ready for me to sew today. Once I get that done I will take a picture of all of the blocks on my design wall so that I can see the overall picture and decide where to go from there. I suspect that I will be making more blocks and, if so, I will take those from the Farmer's Wife book.

I also did some prep work on a couple midget blocks as well. No pictures yet but I am pretty happy with the way they look so far.

Where oh where did Spring go?? The other day we had a lot of rain and it washed most of the snow away. We have been getting small snow flurries since then but nothing has really stuck until this morning - boohoo. At least there is some sun trying to shine through the clouds and through the cedar trees. This picture is not a very scenic one but it sure does get the point across.

I took Molly and Peanut to the vet yesterday. Molly needed her annual vaccinations but poor Peanut was scheduled for her spaying. I get to bring her home again after 5 pm today. Peanut really is such a tiny little thing - just under 6.5 lbs. Molly looks huge compared to her but even then Molly is only 17 lbs. She lost .8 lbs since I last took her to the vet for the ear infection last month - way to go Molly!

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Cheryl said...

I hope Peanut will feel better real soon! Love sis