Friday, March 22, 2013

Evelyn's Quilt - In Progress

I have so many projects going that are long-term and they require lots of time and patience. They often have many little details and they just cannot be chain pieced or made using quick techniques, so, sometimes I need a nice diversion that can be finished fairly quickly. The Crossroads pattern is just that - it is quick and easy and fits the bill perfectly!

There were quite a few brown 2 x 3.5" rectangles in my parts bins ready to be used but I needed way more than I had available so I also raided my 3.5" strip bin. When I looked through the bin I saw that the pickins' were quite slim because I had already removed quite a few of the brown strips to use in my Engineer's Wife quilt. I pulled out my brown fat quarters and larger pieces so I would have a nice variety for my bricks. After cutting my strips, if the remnants left were smaller than a fat quarter then I cut them into various sized strips and now I have replenished my bins with new stock.

I have all of the pieces cut and most have been sewn into the components required to just start chain piecing the blocks together - yaaayy! If I have the time I plan to sew them into finished blocks today and so far it looks like I don't have anything else too pressing that needs doing. Sewing I come!


audrey said...

Absolutely! Sometimes a quick and easy little pick-me-up is in order.:)

laurajane said...

Lovely,have fun,and show us the finished quilt.xx

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes we need something easy. I finished assembling two miniature quilts this week and now plan on cutting 1.5 inch squares for a postage stamp quilt to be done as a leader/ender project. Next week I hope to finish a paper piecing project. I have all the pieces precut, so hopefully it will assemble quickly.

Crispy said...

Quick and easy is always a good thing. I've scrolled back to see what you have been up to. Lovin' all that I've seen :0)