Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy, happy!

I did get to do some sewing today and sure felt good. I just wanted to play around a bit, so I made a couple more Improv blocks. I like the one on the right but I am not too sure about the one on the left. I think it needs a little more attention before I decide to completely scrap it and start again.

It was fabulous to be able to spend time in my sewing room this morning. I was definitely feeling quilting deprived this week. On Monday, I went to Toronto with my husband in the morning and spent the day with my Mom and sister Cheryl. It is unbelievable how quickly the day disappears when I visit. I often take my dogs with me and they ride in their kennels and as soon as we get to our destination they are usually really excited to see everyone and can't wait to get out of their kennels. For some reason, Molly my miniature schnauzer, didn't want to socialize very much and wanted to stay in her kennel most of the day. This is very unusual for her - she definitely loves to be loved and totally enjoys all of the attention she normally gets.
Molly and Peanut - such good girls!

Tuesday morning was spent in the kitchen making bread, muffins and beef stew. By the time I got everything prepared and then cleaned up most of the morning was gone. Add in grocery shopping, laundry folding, etc, there was very little time for sewing. Molly still was not behaving normally, so after taking her and Peanut for a walk I decided to give her a good going over. When I got to her ears I found the problem. The poor girl has an ear infection. Off to the vet we went and now she has to have drops in her ear for 14 days. Thank goodness that whatever was bothering her was something that has a quick and easy treatment. I was worried about her like she was a child!

...and now, I am heading back into my sewing room. I am such a lucky girl!!

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