Friday, February 10, 2012

I've Been Quilting!

Quilting was on the agenda yesterday and I did get Orca Bay quilted! My quilting didn't turn out exactly like I had intended but it does look pretty close (wobbly too!). I quilted it on the frame and it was definitely another learning experience for me. I started out filling all of the available space between the machine and the frame with my design but by the time I got to the end of the quilt the size of my quilting space had noticeably shrunk and so did the size of my quilting design. I must remember that the quilting space really decreases as the quilt gets rolled up and I need to keep my design quite small - only about 3.5" tall. I tried to photograph the quilting but as you can see in the picture it really isn't all that visible. I think if it were more densely quilted it would look better in the finished quilt and it would show up much better in my photos. Oh well, learning as I go!
Just a few more rows!
Another bit of quilting I have been working on is my green Seven Sisters quilt. I don't show it too often because there really isn't too much interesting to see - you see one baptist fan and you've seen them all! There are probably about 4 rows or so left (13 fans per row) and then it will be all finished. I had stopped working on it for quite a while because holding the quilt in a hoop was really hurting my left shoulder. I purchased a used floor frame to try out but I just couldn't make that work either. Now I am quilting it without a frame or hoop at all and I have been working on it lately almost every day. Just being able to pick it up and work on it without having to fiddle with stuff is working much better for me. If I keep at it I should have it all finished within a couple weeks.


Judiquilts said...

Ellen, congratulations on quilting Orca Bay. I know what you mean about the size of the pattern repeat getting smaller as you go, but you know, your top is so busy I think you'd be hard pressed to notice it.

Jan-Maree said...

wow you are busy - how about showing a picture of the quilts on the frame - I can't see it in my mind's eye

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I think your quilting on Orca Bay is beautiful! Your sewing on the baptist fans is so neat! Good Job! love sis

Peg said...

Lovely - the first finish of Orca Bay I've seen - I know what you mean about the space getting tighter, I'm just learning on my mid-arm and already wishing for a larger throat! Your 7 Sisters is looking fantastic!

Quilter Kathy said...

What an interesting post...machine quilting AND hand quilting! It's so cool that you are finding it easiest to hand quilt without a hoop right now...I have never tried that.

vtquilter said...

Congrats! I have the same problem when I am quilting... start out big and end up small. Oh well, it makes it unique! Love that green sisters star... I don't remember seeing that one. Looks lovely.