Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Christmas Gifts

Last night I cut the fabric in preparation for making some more of these tea totes and tissue holders. I had already made a bunch of them but I found out that I will be needing a few more small gifts and they fit the bill perfectly. They really are quite cute (my pictures never seem to do any of my projects justice) and I hope they will be useful to the recipients. It didn't really take too long to stitch up these 4 sets today. Each of the tea totes require some hand stitching to close the turning opening so that is what I will work on this afternoon/evening. I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network today!

Santa's elves need to make a special visit to my sewing room (and kitchen too!) because I am falling so far behind on making Christmas gifts this year. I had great plans to make boxers and pj pants for my sons and my husband but I really don't think I will get them done. It's not like I wasn't prepared - I bought the patterns quite some time ago when they were on sale for only $2 each.

I haven't quite given up yet but it is looking more and more likely that they will have to wait until after Christmas. I know the patterns say only 1 hour or 2 hours to make but honestly I do not know how to sew garments so there is also a learning curve that needs to be taken into account. I seem to do this every year - trying to do everything at the last minute and it has got to stop. Really....I am going to try to think ahead and make some Christmas gifts earlier in the year for next Christmas.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Seriously Ellen give the boxers a go- cut them out as quick as you can and have ago as boxers are rally quick to make as long as there is no fly in the front - and if there is just ignore it and sew it straight up. A lot of the bought ones don't have flies so your boys will cope if their's don't. but them all out together and sew them all up together and i think you will be surprised at how quick you can do them! Good luck! Otherwise make them as a New Year gift and tell them that is the new tradition!

My Sweet Prairie said...

My boys wonder what the openings are for! lol

Those tea totes and tissue holders are really sweet! I've never seen that before. ;)
p.s. thanks for linking!

MyNorth said...

Great gift idea; the tea totes and tissue holders.
I agree with Cherry Red Quilter. Give the boxers ago. Just cut out at least one and you'll find they are quick and easy. Then after you make one, the rest will be even faster to make. And absolutely forget the fly if it's included in the pattern. The guys never use them.

Kelli said...

Love your small gifts, Ellen!

elle said...

Why is it sew comforting to find you have the same fabrics as someone else? LOL Cute stuff. I, too, have heard boxers are easy peasy. And it isn't even Christmas Eve! ;^)

blauraute said...

Wonderful small gifts. Boxers and pj pants are realy quickly done. My grown up boys love them.
Have a nice day and have a look at the pattern for building houses

Connie said...

When the elves get done at your house send them my way!!!!! Good luck with the boxers and like everyone else says.....left out the fly!

greelyrita said...

With all the inexpensive clothing that's available now, boxers are still a very cost effective thing to make. Good boxers cost a lot and only take me 1 hour from cutting out to wearing. And that includes the fly, which is no big deal. Try. It'll be fine.