Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans sometimes fall to the wayside and we get sidetracked by different things. Sometimes it is just one or two things that keep us from our plans and other times there seems to be a whole series of events that become priority  (all good in my case). The last week and a half have been just like that for me. I fully intended on participating in the FNSI but basement deconstruction took priority on that Friday. We are redoing our basement and my brother and nephew came over to help with the interior demolition - 4 days of mess, mess, and more mess. It is quite a large space - this side of the basement originally had 3 separate rooms plus a full bathroom, a storage closet and the furnace area had it's own enclosure. This is actually the second half of the basement - the first half is already almost complete but everything from this side of the basement had to be moved and stored in the finished space. The guys were doing all the labour so that meant that I became chief cook and bottlewasher. No time for sewing for me! I really cannot wait to get the basement completely finished because there is "stuff" that belongs in the basement stored all over the rest of the house.

There was also a little trip to St. Catherines with my sister Cheryl and her daughter Deanna, to get some goodies for me - I will blog about those in a future post - but seeing as we were in the area - we stopped into Niagara Falls and viewed The Falls and walked around the area a bit. Unfortunately, we had not planned on going there and none of us had our cameras. Oh well, we plan on visiting again in the summer and I will definitely have my camera. I also made a trip to Elmira just the other day to get me another surprise. I haven't actually received it yet but as soon as I do I will definitely be blogging about it - I am so happy!!! Unfortunately, I have not been able to comment on my favourite blogs - there were over 115 posts made while I was "gone" but I did spend the time reading and enjoying them this morning. Now I really want to go spend some time sewing....

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

i can't wait for your basement to be finished because i know their will be more space for our favorite hobby, yes QUILTING! luv sis