Saturday, September 24, 2011

Merrily I Roll Along

Making 4 patches for Leftover's quilt
Yesterday was a dull, dreary, rainy day outside but inside there was a lot going on! I finished the quilting on my sister's quilt - Spring Romance and she will come to my place in a week or two to learn about how to trim the quilt top and attach the binding. There really was not that much left to do - I only needed one bobbin to do the job! Next up on the agenda was the inevitable tidying up the sewing room. I thought I was doing just great by trimming all my scraps as I went but somehow there was still quite a bit to deal with. Once I got all of the scrap bits that I could find all under control I was ready to work on something else.

Today is the last day for the colour black for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I have not worked on the Challenge for a couple months because the colours just did not work out for me. I am wondering if October will be orange?

After wrangling my sister's quilt through my machine I just didn't feel like working with large pieces so I put Fun & Games and the Garden Fence quilt aside and worked on sewing little 4 patches together. I had started cutting the pieces for this quilt awhile ago and I have since made all of the 2sies that I would need to make the 4 patches (and then some). I got quite a few done before I had to call it a night - 124 patches in sets of 4.

Leftover's completed 4 patches

Many more 4 patches still to go!

My husband decided we needed to have a garage sale today so I wasn't able to spend any time sewing but I am certain I will be back at it tomorrow - I still have a lot of 4 patches to make!


Connie said...

Sometimes it is nice to just work on some small projects or just do some piecing. I find that relaxing too. Have fun at your garage sale, don't sell any quilting items!

mainer said...

wow, that's a lot of four patches but isn't chain piecing fun? You should have a quilt soon.

Lori said...

You have been busy!! 4 patches are so much fun and not hard to make. Sometimes that is the best sewing.