Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quilting Spring Romance

Spring Romance
Quilting Spring Romance
My sister Cheryl made this gorgeous quilt (my photos just do not do it justice). This is her first quilt and she did such a great job putting it together. She wanted to free-motion quilt it herself and she did try to do it on her own at her place but she does not have the right set up to be able to do it easily. So, she brought her quilt back to my place to quilt it. She gave it a try but had a little bit of trouble so I quilted it for her and I showed her everything that I had learned over the past year or so that I have been free-motion quilting. She quickly determined that it is a lot harder than it looks. I don't think it really is that hard - just like anything a little bit of practice goes a long way and I like to think that I do improve with each quilt.

Quilting Spring Romance
Cheryl plans on making a few baby quilts for donation and she will practice free-motion quilting using these smaller quilts until she feels more confident instead of tackling such a large first project. I didn't quite get the quilt finished because I didn't have enough thread. Cheryl will come back in a week or two so I can finish quilting it and she can trim up the quilt and apply the binding using my sewing machine. She will take it back home to hand sew the binding to the back.

I have a little quiz for you - what do you get when you mix this

with this?

Molly @ 9 mths

Thankfully, my son Eric caught her with it and with a whole wad of thread hanging from her mouth. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to her if she had swallowed all those long pieces of thread - it makes me sick to think about it! When she was a little puppy I let her play with the empty spools - I see now that was big mistake.


vtquilter said...

Yikes! I've had a cat get into one and luckily I saw her and got the thread out of her mouth before any damage was done.
Your sister did a great job with her quilt. Very pretty.

scraphappy said...

What a beautiful quilt. Hard to believe she is a beginner. Glad you were able to help her out. Sometimes those finishing steps seem overwhelming for new quilters.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Howlovely that you can share quilting with your sister! and certainly safer for all concerned than sharing it with your pup! Lovely quilt too!

Cathy said...

That is such a pretty quilt. I love the roses fabrics. It is a great quilt and a wonderful accomplishment for a first quilt.

blauraute said...

It's wonderful to have a sister like you. Your sister did a great job.
Have a nice day and take care

Quiltbenaco said...

Bravissima Cheryl!

E' una grande fortuna che Eric sia riuscito a togliere quel rocchetto di filo dalla bocca di Molly.

Crispy said...

She did a lovely job on her quilt :0) Your pup probably thought that spool was extra tasty with the thread on it....lesson learned mom LOL.


Connie said...

Beautiful quilt and how sweet of your to quilt it for your sister. So glad your son found the spool of thread that Molly chewed up before she swallowed it.

Cheryl said...

Hey Ellen

Thanks goodness for a sister who didn't mind quilting for me! Love you! Sis