Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baking Bread - Not a Quilty Post!

After reading this post on Kathy's Quilts blog and watching the video I decided to start making my own baked goods. I had been feeling a bit icky for quite a long time about the freshness dates on bread. I don't ever remember bread staying fresh in the cupboard for that length of time ever before in my life. Not only that, it is really ridiculous to pay $3 or more for a loaf of bread that is full of chemicals and additives. I made two loaves of white bread and I used my Kitchen Aid mixer to knead the dough. I think it was a bit much for it to handle so I think I will just make one loaf at a time. Who knows - I may even just start trying to knead the dough by hand. It may lead to getting some upper body strength that I so need!! As I said, my first attempt was white bread and it turned out pretty good - I took a picture after I we had eaten most of it. I also made 2 carrot nut loaves at the same time - my son is soooo happy.

Dough after rising
Fresh baked buns!
My next attempt was making buns - it was so easy. The recipe I used did not require any kneading and they turned out great. The recipe was supposed to make 48 small buns but I made 20 larger ones instead. I wanted them big enough for my son and husband to use for sandwiches. My son has requested that I make them into longer buns and my husband requested they not be so thick. These ones turned out like mini-loaves. I guess with practice I will figure out how much dough to use and how to shape it. Once I get these recipes down pat I will attempt to make whole wheat bread - much better for us!


Cathy said...

Your breads look really good. I have one of those bread machine things, that I sometimes use, mostly in the cooler weather. But I only use it for the mixing and kneading part. I take it out of the machine and bake it in the oven in a regular loaf pan.

vtquilter said...

I love the smell of baking bread! It is so easy to do, especially with the KA mixer. My DH has one and the kids and I have made a few loaves. Pretty easy to make the wheat ones... and if you go to Kind Arthur Flour website they have tons of recipes. I made their white one and it came out great.
Kneading by hand is great when you have some stress to work out.. just takes longer to rise.
Hmmm I think I need to make some bread again soon now!

blauraute said...

It looks wonderful. It's very easy baking bread. Several years ago I startet baking different types of bread. Every saturday it's my first doing.
Enjoy your fresh baked buns and the bread

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Good for you - your bread and rolls look great. Lucky family!

Kathy said...

MMMmmm... your breads all look so delicious. Good for you for trying this out. It's been a long time since I shaped my own loaves, but I do enjoy my breadmaker machine. Good luck with your baked goods.

Cheryl said...

I will be right over to help you to enjoy your fresh baked bread! love sis

Connie said...

Your buns look yummy! My husband likes to bake mostly in the winter. You are right about the freshness date......there must be lots of chemicals in our bread. Have fun!

Crispy said...

Yummy, those look so good!! I won't show Bob this post or he will want me to do it LOL.


Quilter Kathy said...

You go girl! That is awesome! Your family must LOVE it!