Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rolling Out Roll Roll Cotton Boll

Roll  Roll Cotton Boll under construction

Wow! I had not worked on this quilt since sometime in Jan/Feb and I kept saying that I needed to get back to it because everytime I walked into my sewing room it was letting it's presence be known. It has been quietly yelling at me for months. Well, it is finally getting it's turn because I started working on it again yesterday. When I had put it away I had all of the blocks and all of the outer border components made, so I really just needed to put the top together and sew the border units together. You might think that would be fairly easy to accomplish but when you add my wonderful little helper into the mix things become a little more challenging!

Molly helping with the top (de)construction!
This is actually an after picture of her because I had her groomed today. She has been really suffering with the heat and humidity (thankfully we do have central air) but everytime she had to go out I felt sorry for her. This is what she looked like a little earlier today.

Molly @ 8 months
 She is my constant companion and I am really enjoying her!


Connie said...

Molly is so cute and such a little helper! I have bits and pieces of the roll, roll and haven't looked at them in quite awhile. For a time I didn't think I like the pattern but I am rethinking it. Can't wait to see yours put together.

Cathy said...

WOW!! Your RRCB looks FABULOUS!!! I have one under construction, but it isn't anywhere close to the stage yours is at. Makes me want to drag it out again, but not any time in the near future, unfortunately.

blauraute said...

Dear Ellen,
Your RRCB looks great. It's one of my projects for the next year, when I'll be retired. I hope I've been time to make all the wonderful things I've collected. I can imagine that Molly is your "best friend" in your sewing room. She is so cute.
Enjoy Molly and your sewing room

scraphappy said...

Great looking RRCB. I love the variety in your string bocks. I admire your petsetverance. My own version is still quietly waiting. Glad you had "help" though, so much more fun with company.

Crispy said...

A beautiful quilt and helper LOL. Why do animals think you are putting that fabric out for them alone LOL.


Anonymous said...

...another pretty one Ellen ...and Molly looks great....xo glenda

susiloci said...

Ellen tu tanto calor y yo tanto frío
El edredón es una maravilla, que bien que vuelvas a trabajar en el ...espero que lo termines pronto y poder verlo.