Friday, June 3, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks - Soldier Star Revisited as "Pathways"

I have picked up where I had left off with the construction of these blocks. I have made 11 of the last 15 blocks needed and now just have to make the last 4. This group of blocks are mostly dark and medium shades so I will have to see how all the blocks look together and decide which fabrics I will use for the last 4 blocks. Once they are made I will start sewing them into groups of 4 and again in groups of 6 and so on. I prefer to sew my quilt tops in 4 quadrants that I join together. It makes for having to sew only one really long seam instead of many and I find it much less stressful when trying to match points or corners. I have decided to name this quilt "Pathways". When I look at this quilt top as it comes together I see the pathway that seems to join each star (soldier or individual) together. So far, I have kept to using each main background colour just once - each soldier is a star and they all are individuals with different personalities that join together and interact with each other to make one cohesive group. I had originally intended to make this quilt as a gift for one of my nephews. However, as I work on it I have come to realize that it really is a quilt that will be donated to Quilts of Valour and will go to a Canadian soldier.


Crispy said...

Great quilt Ellen and I LOVE your decision to dontate it to Quilts of Valour!!


susiloci said...

Tu blog tienes unos trabajos preciosos, me gustan mucho!!!

Candace said...

What beautiful blocks. They are going to make a wonderful quilt for a lucky soldier.