Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun Day

Cheryl's Quilt Blocks
I had a wonderful day yesterday! I spent the whole day with my Mom, four of my sisters - Glenda, Cheryl, Christine and Sandra and two of my nieces - Deanna and Eva-Anne. We all piled into two cars to spend the day at my sister Glenda's house. Naturally, we spent time shopping - we went to a couple second-hand shops where my sister Cheryl found a quilt rack. Cheryl just started quilting and she is so excited and happy about the blocks she is making. They look so good - she has definitely been bitten by the bug! She says she is not going to be as dedicated to quilting as I am (she really loves to paint) but it is quite funny because she is already planning her next quilt.

New Fabric
 We also went to Len's Mills in Guelph where both Cheryl and I bought fabric and we each bought little cutting mats that were 50% off. My sister Glenda also bought one of the little cutting mats because she intends to start quilting - she has already started cutting cotton shirts into pieces and picking up bits of fabric here and there. I am always amazed at how quickly I am able to spend money in the fabric shops even when I am determined not to buy fabric just to add to the "stash". I didn't have enough will-power though because I did buy some - but at least I only bought small quantities - mostly .5 m cuts. I was looking for fabric to use as the inner border for the blue wedding quilt I am making and I did find a couple options that may or may not work. I have such a tough time visualizing how fabrics and colours will look together. Today, I plan to continue working on the wedding quilt but honestly I really do need to get some chores done. Why can't my house just keep itself clean??!!


Crispy said...

How fun to spend the day with the "girls"!! I'm sure they MADE you buy stuff at the quilt shop LOL. I'm being good and getting my house cleaned up today too. I'm working on the kitchen between reading blogs and my e-mails :0)


LaDonna and Diana said...

As soon as your house figures out how to keep itself clean, have it talk to mine! As fast as I can spend money in a fabric shop, my house gets dirty faster!

Don't you just love the excitement of a new quilter! So glad you have sisters who you can share your love of quilting with!


Lori said...

It sounds like a fun way to spend a day!!

I love your blue hourglass blocks- wow!!