Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Quilter in the Making and Other Ramblings

New Fabric
Yesterday, I spent some time with a couple of my sisters, Cheryl and Christine. It was so nice to visit and chat with them. We also got in a very quick visit with my Mom and another sister Sandra. The three of us headed off to my favourite quilt shop and yes I did buy some fabric. I found 2 fabrics that would be terrific to use for backings and then I got .5 meter cuts of a couple other fabrics and 3 fat quarters (please excuse the shadows in my picture). My sister Cheryl also bought .25 meter cuts of several fabrics. She has never made a quilt but she plans on making one very soon. She has been collecting fabric for the last while (a very nice collection I must say) and she will be visiting with me in the next couple weeks and bringing her fabric with her. The plan is to get her fabric all cut and I will show her the basics of getting her blocks sewn together. We will do a couple sample blocks and she will decide which she likes best and she will continue making them once she gets back home.

My husband got the latest Harry Potter movie for his birthday so we spent last evening watching the movie together. Really he watched it and I spent my time working on hand-quilting my Seven Sisters quilt. I am so excited (REALLY EXCITED) about my progress and the way it looks. Sorry, I haven't removed any of my basting threads yet - I hope my quilting is visible. I will say that I am nearly half way through quilting it and I just love it! Oh no - what is the dog doing on my quilt - everytime I lay anything on the floor she magically appears!
Molly inspecting my quilting!
Today I plan on spending some time making some cushions to go in the bottom of Molly's crates (currently we just use an old towel and it always seems to get all bunched up). She has two different crates for sleeping in and one for travel. Molly will be getting spayed on Thursday and I want her to be as comfortable as possible while she recovers. Poor baby has no idea what is coming!


Lori said...

Your seven sisters quilt is amazing! It is fun to see it come to life with quilting.

Such pretty purchases too!

LaDonna and Diana said...

Beautiful Seven Sisters and the quilting is impresive! How nice to share your love of quilting with your sisters!


Anonymous said...

What a labor of love Ellen! The quilt is beautiful with much symbolism.

xo glenda

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I really love the baptist fan quilting pattern. It looks great! Your putting so much love into the seven sisters! Thank you! Love sis

Crispy said...

Wow the 7 sisters is looking fabulous!! I wish I could say I have made progress in the quilting front LOL.