Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Seven Sisters Quilt

I am just so excited that I finished the latest Seven Sisters quilt that I just couldn't control myself and I have already started the next one.

I had previously started piecing some stars from fuchsia fabric and when I dug them out on Tuesday they just weren't doing it for me.

Just not digging it at the moment!
The original fabrics that I had chosen to go with the fuchsia stars just didn't seem to want to play together nicely. What was I to do but set those stars aside for another day and dig through my stash to find some replacement fabric.

I have decided to go with this small floral fabric for the stars with the light purple as the background. The large floral and the darker purple/burgundy (not sure what colour to call it because it seems to be a cross between the two) will find a place in the quilt too.

The tools I use for marking the fabric are very simple and low tech - a pencil, large ruler, small ruler and my home made templates to help mark the diamond shapes for the stars. It really is quite easy to cut the pieces from the fabric and it doesn't really take too much time either. I already have quite a few pieces cut and I have also sewn a star together to see how it will look.  After seeing one star made, I hope the small floral isn't too busy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blue Seven Sisters is Done!

I finished stitching the binding on this quilt on Sunday while participating in Slow Sunday Stitching hosted by Kathy. I still had a fair amount of binding to attach but I so wanted to get this quilt done so I plunked myself down onto the couch and stitched away while my husband and I watched an Indiana Jones movie.

Overall, I have invested a lot of time in this quilt. It is hand-pieced and hand quilted - everything was done by hand for this quilt - I did not use my sewing machine at all. I quilted it in an all-over Baptist Fan motif with blue thread. I love the old-fashioned look of this quilt!

One of the reasons that I blog is so that I can easily keep track of the info on my quilts. Unfortunately, I didn't start blogging until December 2010 and by then I already had all of the blocks for this quilt pieced so I don't have anything from that part of my journey documented.

I first showed the blocks for this quilt in March 2012 and I was just starting to add the sashing. Fast forward to February 2014 and I started working on the quilting, and now, almost a year later it is done! This quilt often sat in the corner waiting for me to visit and pet it while I quilted it. It has been very patient ;))).

This quilt finished at 73" x 83" and it will be added to the other two seven sisters quilts I have made. I only have four more to make.....and once I get them all done each of my six sisters and I will have one to keep. These quilts have very special meaning to me and to my sisters as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dear Jane - Tic Tac Toe (C-4)

Woohoo....I have another Tiny Tuesday block to show!

This block was such a challenge for me to make!! I had a lot of difficulty aligning the grid in the center of the block and had to redo parts of it over and over and I still couldn't perfect it. Those little squares in the center are not all the same size and not necessarily square either. When I was piecing it together it was so easy to pick up the wrong one or even the right one but get it turned around. There may have been some @#%#$ going on!

As you can see in the photo, the center section is less than 3" square and contains a whopping 21 pieces. No wonder I was having so much trouble - tiny pieces = fumbley fingers.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Round Robin

Latest round added by my sister Cheryl
I finally got my quilt top back from my sister. She had it for ages and even though, if I remember correctly, she returned it to me in November I have not done anything with it as of yet. It has grown considerably and is now 60" square.

This was what it looked like before she added her latest round.
I really like the way this quilt top has evolved - it looks really good. This is my first medallion quilt top and I know that I will be making more...lots more.

The round robin has been challenging but also a lot of fun. Working on a quilt with someone else and being challenged by their design ideas has made it very interesting and rewarding. Doing the round robin with my sister has pushed and pulled me into uncharted territory.

Now I have to figure out what I want to add as my next round. I hope it doesn't take me too long to decide!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time tidying up my sewing room and cutting and putting scraps away. Once I got tired of that I decided to mess it all up again and pull out some teal scraps and make some more RSC sampler blocks. I did manage to get four done - only six more teal to go before I move on to the next colour.

Saturday evening I spent time watching television with my husband and relaxing while I sewed on the binding for my Seven Sisters quilt. I still have quite a bit to go and I plan to work on it some more today. It may not be the most exciting part of the quilting process but it is really satisfying and enjoyable!

Why not take some time to do some slow stitching today and also take a few minutes to pop on over to Kathy's Quilts. You can check out the links and see what other slow stitchers are working on today.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sampler Blocks - RSC 2014

Lately I have been seeing some gorgeous RSC sampler quilts online - you know who you are :)) - and I have been drooling over them. They are just wonderful and Angela did such a good job putting everything together for all of the participants. I have been an on again/off again participant (what is wrong with me????) all year so I do have some blocks made but nowhere near enough to make a quilt.

pretty but oops
On Thursday I decided I wanted to make all of the blocks that I missed. I know it will take me a while to get caught up but it will be so worth the time. I visited her site and printed out the list of blocks for the sampler and got to work. I cross-checked the list and marked the ones that I needed to make. The on-line list has links to all of the instructions and that made it so easy to find what I needed to get going.

I made all six of the pink blocks.... plus one extra. I think they turned out so pretty although I was disappointed with my version of one them. I love the block and I love the fabrics but it was a real oopsie! Look at the difference in size...I used 1.5" strips instead of 2" and that was such a disappointment because it would have been perfect. It all ended up just fine though because I also really love the one I made in the correct size and I am sure that the extra wee one will find a home of its own. We all know how much I love little blocks ;).

See the difference in size...darn!

Pop on over to soscrappy's and check out the links from other Rainbow Scrap Challenge participants!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Still Winding Away


I am still working on my Winding Ways quilt blocks and I am making slow but steady progress. I feel pretty good about it too. I think I really am getting my sewing mojo back and it is not just a false start because if it was I know I would have already put these blocks away again for a later time. They are very challenging for me!

From the last batch of blocks that I need to make for the quilt I have now got all of the blocks with the brown corners turned into half sections and I have the reverse blocks pinned and ready to be sewn into half blocks.

Hurray for chain piecing!

I have also stitched together the narrow center joining sections and I made sure to use a very short stitch length. There is not a lot of fabric holding the two pieces together into the strip and if the stitch length is set to a normal length the stitching does have a tendency to come undone.