Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Off the Frame

Thank you so much to Angela for suggesting the oak leaf/acorn quilting design. I didn't quite have that design but I did have a maple leaf panto called Maple Syrup and the quilt looks fabulous! I knew someone would be able to help me if I just put it out there!!

After I wrote my post I did get out the whiteboard and I thought I might like this design but honestly, Angela's idea was so much better. I got a few rows quilted in the morning and I had it pretty close to being finished but thunderstorms rolled in and I turned off the machine and unplugged it - just in case. Even though it is plugged into a surge protector I just don't want to risk it!

backing fabric
While the storm was working itself out I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and turned it into two huge pans of lasagna. My guys were very happy about dinner. I froze one pan and we will definitely be having lasagna leftovers for a few days.

Maple Syrup panto
Once the storm passed I headed back into the studio and finished off the last 20" or so of quilting. The quilt is approx 59" x 72" and I quilted it with brown thread. Of course, I was admiring it the whole time I was working on it - my sister did such a great job with the design. I have trimmed and squared the top for my sister so all she has to do is add her binding and label.
Molly and Peanut wanted to model the quilt!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On the Frame

My sister Cheryl is making a quilt for our great nephew Xavier and she has asked me to quilt it for her. I tried to get her to commit to a particular pattern either free-hand or panto and all she would say is 'do whatever you want'.

I got the top loaded on the frame last night and I am ready to go but I just don't know how to quilt it. I wish it was easy for me but the quilt just does not magically tell me what and how to do it. Some quilters just know exactly how they want the quilt to look and they have the imagination and skill to make the magic happen. It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated but I do want to make it look like it was done well and not really sloppy. I think I will pull out my whiteboard and play around a little bit this morning and see what happens. Hopefully, I will figure something out quickly because I need it finished for tomorrow morning.

Thank you to all of you for your words of sympathy on the loss of my brother-in-law. I do appreciate all of your kind thoughts.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sad News

My sister Glenda lost her husband yesterday....Herb had a stroke last week and even though it was a very serious event it seemed that he would be able to survive it although he would never fully recover.

Herb had a good and full life and he had participated in many activities from bow hunting, to fishing, to flying airplanes. He loved his vegetable garden and he especially loved his dog Pepper. He and my sister were together more than 30 years. They raised three beautiful children together and they grew into wonderful, responsible and caring adults. My sister and their children Amanda, Norman and Kim are all heartbroken and we are heartbroken for them.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red Day

I was such a lazy dazy today and I didn't get out of bed until just after 9 am. That is really out of character for me because I am usually a very early riser. I was dreaming that I had slept for more than 12 hours and when I got up I quickly checked the clock. I didn't really sleep for 12 hours but pretty close....just about 10.5 hours!!! Wow...that is unbelievable...I had two nights sleep in one!

After a relaxing, slow start to my day I had the luxury of heading into my sewing studio and I decided to work on some of the latest Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler blocks. I made all three, Nonsense, Starz and Stripes.

I guess I decided to sew on the wild side because I did choose a somewhat flamboyant fabric for the background of Nonsense and I chose an animal print for the Starz block. I am really happy with my blocks and I just love that the sampler has included a string block - what could be better!

Pop on over to socrappy's and check out the links. You will see some great ideas to use up your scraps!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Round Robin

It has taken me so many tries to figure out what I needed to do for my round on this quilt but I have finally figured out something that I like. I must have at least 3 different borders partially made but they just weren't doing anything for me and the quilt wasn't too happy with them either! I was starting to feel a bit panicked that I wasn't going to come up with a design I like but happily I did. I first added a narrow 1" light border and then a 1.5" darker striped border. For the final border of my round I used a variety of blue, brown and red squares with the same neutral background that I used for the narrow inner border. The quilt top is now 45" square.

This is what the quilt top looked like when I received it from Cheryl after she did her handiwork on her latest round. I will be delivering this top to my sister today so I hope she has mine all ready to swap but somehow I doubt it. I think if I deliver this to her it will put a fire under her %@#$ and she will get mine done likkety-split.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

And the Winner Is!


Pat of Scrapatches!! Please email me your mailing info as soon as possible so that I can get this pretty bundle into the mail and on it's way to you. I hope you love these fabrics as much as I do!

It is always so much fun to win a giveaway and I wish I could give all of my readers and followers a gift but that is just not possible :-(

Thank you, thank you, thank all of you!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I've Lost a Day - Reward Offered!

Edited to add - The giveaway is now closed. As soon as my husband gets out of bed he will draw the winner's name! :-)

If anyone finds it please contact me immediately so you can return it to me as quickly as possible. You will recognize it because it is a Wednesday and it has the characteristic hump! You will find me in my sewing studio.

What the heck happened??? Seriously, I really thought this morning was Wednesday and I asked my husband why he was getting the recycling ready to go out. I didn't believe him when he said it was Thursday - still can't!

I will pay a finders fee - this bundle of fabric. Oh...what the heck...I will just give this bundle away to one of my wonderful readers because I am sure if anyone finds an extra day they will be really tempted to keep it for themselves anyway. ;-)

I really do want to thank my followers and readers for leaving such supportive and inspiring comments. Thank you to all of you - all you need to do is leave a comment and I will have my husband pick a name out of a hat and I will send this bundle of pretty fat quarters off to the winner.