Saturday, August 13, 2016

All Caught Up....

April, May and June blocks
at least with my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Column quilt. I am not too sure what is happening because nothing on either of my design walls looks cohesive at all. The good news is that I have cleared out lots of scrappy bits. Time will tell what will happen with all of these blocks.

While working on the blocks over the past few days, I have been inspired to do some more clean up in my sewing my quilty sister Cheryl is coming for a visit on Tuesday. Nothing like having a visitor to spur on some clean up action. :)

Normally when she comes to visit I always say I am so sorry for the mess and she always says it is not really messy at all - she is very kind and can really overlook a lot of transgressions. But, during the last visit she said that my sewing room was beyond out of control - it was so bad that she really couldn't say much else. Not a clear spot in the room :()

I work today and tomorrow and Monday is booked because someone is having a birthday. ;) My goal is to get at least one cutting table as well as my ironing table cleared of scraps with everything put away and not just dumped into another pile. I don't think I will get much more than that done but I will try.

I have way too many scrappy bits hanging around waiting to be trimmed, organized and put away in bins or, dare I say, made into quilts.  I really need and want to make quilts!

I am linking up over at soscrappy's for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Pop on over and have a look at all of the wonderful creations made with scraps. You just might get inspired to dig into your scraps too!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Customer Quilt

I recently finished quilting this beautiful quilt for Barb. This is Barb's first quilt and she did such a great job. It was very well pieced and square too! ;) I think the quilt design is a disappearing nine patch.

She wanted a very simple quilting design to complement the quilt and decided on a lightly quilted loopy meander. Barb supplied the white cotton batting and I used a light tan thread.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

RSC - Column Quilt Blocks

August blocks

July blocks

I have fallen woefully behind with making the blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Column quilt that was designed by Angela of soscrappy. As a matter of fact, ALL of the quilt blocks (and quilts) that I had started working on this year for the scrap challenge have all been sitting idle for many months. :(

I did have a good start with the Column quilt at the beginning of the year but I stopped after making the butterflies in March.

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time tidying in my sewing room and it must have kick started something because I have been in there a good part of the day today playing with my scraps.

So far today I have completed the blocks for July and August and I plan to go back into my sewing room and work on some more - I have already started digging through my scraps to make the April blocks.

When I put the August blocks on the design wall I realized that I probably should have made fewer of the green blocks and more of the purple blocks. I won't bother with it now, I will wait to see how everything is put together at the end.

crazy looking design wall :)
 Who knows...I just may get caught up with this project... :))

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pinwheel Quilt

Another quilt is heading toward the finish line! I just took this beauty off of the frame and I am in love. It is not a complicated design but - wow - the quilting just makes it sing. I don't have a lot of room to take photos at this time so I am trying to make do. This is a fairly large quilt - around 76" x 86" if I recall correctly.

lots of sunshine streaming in the room
I quilted it using a pantograph called Deb's Swirls and honestly it doesn't look like much on the paper but it is a really wonderful quilting design once it gets on a quilt. :)

I specifically used a batting made from 80% cotton and 20% wool because I want to test to see how much it shrinks once it is washed and dried in the dryer. I will make sure I take very accurate measurements both before and after the process. I prewashed all of the fabrics used in this quilt including the backing. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out but in the meantime I need to trim this baby and make the binding and get it attached first.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Winding Ways is Finished

I love how this quilt turned out - it was a lot of work but so worth it. :)  I would say that the winding ways quilt pattern with all of its curves is not for the feint of heart!

I was having some trouble trying to come up with a name for this quilt and all along I have been referring to it as the Winding Ways quilt so I guess the name has stuck. ;)

before fix
While I was quilting it I had a needle break and it caused a flaw. I was very disappointed but there was nothing I could do about it. I had thought about patching it by appliqueing a small piece of the same fabric to cover the flaw but I thought it would draw more attention to it.  At this point it is just a bit of shredded fabric that caused a few tiny holes but I do want to stop it from getting worse. It could potentially turn into a hole in the quilt top over time and I hope to prevent that. So, I decided to put a few drops of Fray Check on it, front and back, and pressed it with an iron and I will just leave it as is.

after using Fray Check
I have extra bits and pieces of fabric left over from creating this quilt so I took a 4.5" piece of the same fabric that was flawed as well as the backing fabric and I tucked them in behind the label before I stitched it down to the quilt. If the flaw ever becomes an issue, even in the distant future, there will be a piece of fabric to fix it. This quilt is for my niece Kim and I will let her know that if she needs it the fabric is available. I think it is a very good solution. :)

This quilt finished at 69" x 77" and was quilted with a light pink thread. I quilted it using a Dragonfly panto and when you look at the back you can really see the dragonfly motif. Love it!!!

back of quilt

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Customer Quilt

I recently quilted this wonderful quilt for Marjie. She did such a great job putting it all together and I just love the colours and fabrics that she used.

Marjie provided a wool batting and it gave the quilt a wonderful puffiness and texture.

She chose the Maple Syrup pantograph and I used a dark green thread that matched the top and backing perfectly.
Maple Syrup Panto

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pinwheels Flimsy

I was in the midst of working on this quilt top when I had to set it aside to work on a couple projects that needed my immediate attention. It turned out perfectly fine but I really should have written myself a little note about what my plans were. ;)

I knew that I had planned to add a flying geese border and I had enough geese made to use for the borders so I went ahead with sewing everything together just as it was. I made 4 pinwheel blocks for the corners and as I was finishing sewing the final edge to the top, I realized that I had intended on including another border between the flying geese and the plain border. Oh well, I wasn't about to change it and do all of that ripping so it is staying just as it is.

The quilt top is approximately 78" x 84" and it was really tough to find a place to spread it out and take a photo. I was challenged by space limitations as well as that wonderful sunshine streaming through the window in my front door but I think you can get a good idea of what it looks like. It is a very simple design and I just love it. :)